GoFax App

Yes, it’s true, the long-awaited release is almost here.

We’re currently testing the new GoFax App in closed Beta! The GoFax beta app will be available for mobile, tablet and desktop devices in the coming weeks.

Beta testing allows us to make sure it works great in a real-life setting with the; features and security standards you’d expect from GoFax.

The new GoFax app is another step in our master plan to provide Australia’s #1, online fax and SMS experience.

Sending and receiving fax and SMS for your business on the go across any device has never been easier.


Some handy features to make it a breeze to manage your communications:

  • Quick Send:

Intuitive dashboard makes it easy for anyone to quickly send fax or SMS using the app.


  • Manage Inbox & Outbox:

View sent and received activity with options to download or print direct from the app.


  • Multiple Recipients:

Send to multiple numbers for fax or SMS.


  • International Coverage

Options to send fax and SMS internationally across our global carrier network.


  • Cover Sheets

Add cover sheets to faxes with built-in cover sheet option.


  • Campaign Scheduling

Set the desired date and time for future fax campaigns.


If you’re interested in joining our closed beta program, email us at info@gofax.com.au




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