2 Way SMS
Track & manage SMS replies with customers.

2-Way messaging allows customers to reply directly to personalised SMS sent from your organisation.

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What is 2-Way SMS?

By using two-way SMS, you can see receive replies from your customers, follow up responses, and track who and when a response was made. Two-Way SMS can be an effective tool to interact and engage with your customers. Increase your conversion and traffic by managing customer appointments, order confirmations & more using 2-Way SMS.

Send SMS reminders and collect confirmations.

Manage customer orders and bookings.

Staff rostering and management.

Emergency rostering for unavailable staff.

Conduct surveys and feedback.

Response collection to manage unsubscribers and more.

How to Setup 2-Way SMS

Use either of the options below to
start sending and receiving 2-way SMS.

Virtual Number

Gives you a custom, dedicated
receive number, so customers can
send replies anytime.

$18.50/ month

Shared Number

Allows customers to reply for up to
48 hours using a dedicated
number hosted on our system.


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SMS Broadcast

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Email to SMS

Send and receive SMS direct from your email.

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Virtual Number

Gives you a custom, dedicated receive number for your messages.

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No Monthly Fee. No Expiry on Send Credits. No Contracts.

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