Email to Fax Service

An email to fax service is an easy way to send your faxes quickly and conveniently from email. Send from anywhere with an internet connection using your existing email client.

Email to Fax

Email to fax is an easy way to send your faxes quickly and conveniently from email. Send from anywhere with an internet connection using your existing email client.

  • nbn™ compatible
  • Unlimited Allowed Email Senders
  • Send Using Existing Email Client
  • Intuitive & Easy to Use
  • Australian Owned
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Want to send a fax via email? With GoFax, users can:

  1. Attach a fax to send.
  2. Draft a message in the body to send as the fax cover page. 
  3. Compose a message in the body and enter /b in the subject line to send the message as the fax.


No contracts GofaxAn online account with GoFax
Signing up is super easy

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Hassle-free top-up options

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Access settings within your GoFax account

Securing your Email
to Faxes

Transport Layer Security
(TLS) Encryption

is active by default for all GoFax® accounts. When activated on your mail server, all faxes attempted via GoFax® will be securely emailed from your email to GoFax®.

Secure Email Certificate (Secure
Sockets Layer/ SSL) Encryption

can be set up for email-to-fax sending, securing faxes attempted from your email to GoFax® on a per computer/email address basis.

Data Privacy and Compliance

GoFax, Australia’s #1 trusted email to fax solution is ISO/IEC 27001 certified and complies with various regulations across Australia. We are a Government and Healthcare preferred fax and SMS provider because we achieve the highest of security and privacy standards.

FAQs – Email to Fax Service Australia

Need answers? Find them here.

Email to fax is a seamless solution for anybody looking to integrate faxing within today’s document workflows. Without the need for any installations or software, email to fax allows you to use your current email to compose a new message, attach a file containing your fax message and send it to your intended recipient’s fax number.

Yes, email to fax is secure once the correct email security settings are applied. You can learn more about setting up SSL and TLS encryption settings for email here.

Yes, you can send email to fax to a physical fax machine using this feature. As long as there is a receiving fax number, the GoFax platform will take care of the rest.

Email to fax using GoFax works with all types of email clients including; Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, Thunderbird and many more.

You can configure all email addresses within your business domain as an authorised sender. Learn more here.

Yes, as long as you have an internet connection, you can send faxes via email from anywhere using your existing email client with our email to fax service.

GoFax supports a range of file types including JPEG, XLS, PDF, TIFF, DOCX, and DOC. Just attach the file containing your fax message to the email and send it.

The email to fax service is designed to send faxes. However, GoFax offers a comprehensive suite of fax solutions including the ability to receive faxes. Explore more information on receiving fax capabilities here.

Wondering how to fax from email? Sending a fax via email using GoFax is straightforward. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Compose a new message
  2. Enter the recipient’s fax number in this format:
  3. Attach your document
  4. Send your fax

Remember, to use GoFax’s Email to Fax service, you need to have an online account with GoFax, sufficient GoFax send credits, and your email address must be listed as an ‘Allowed Sender’ in your GoFax account settings. And that’s how to fax from email using GoFax.

Subject line modifiers in our service offer users more control over their fax transmissions. By using these modifiers in the subject line of your email, you can take advantage of the following features:

  • Sending the body of an email as a fax: If you want to send the text written in the body of your email as a fax, you can do so using a subject line modifier.
  • Sending encrypted faxes: If you need to send sensitive information, subject line modifiers can enable you to send your faxes in an encrypted format.
    in this format:
  • Sending high-quality resolution faxes: You can enhance the quality of your faxes using a specific modifier in your email’s subject line.
  • Scheduling faxes: If you need to send a fax at a specific date and time in the future, you can schedule it using a subject line modifier.

Explore how to use subject line modifiers