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GoFax has officially partnered with PaperCut, allowing customers with a GoFax account to send fax documents through multifunction devices via PaperCut MF ‘Scan to Fax function’.

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By partnering with PaperCut, we’ll be able to connect directly with PaperCut’s network of connected multifunction devices all around the globe. GoFax’s sending features will be available using PaperCut’s print management software on any multifunction device that has been setup with the PaperCut MF software.

  • Send faxes straight from your
    PaperCut-compatible MFD with GoFax
  • Connect to a network of MFDs around the globe
  • Added security measures to protect your sensitive data

Start using the PaperCut integration in minutes

Connect your GoFax account by using the SMTP or API based connector
Scan the document on your PaperCut-enabled multifunction device
Select “Send Fax”, enter the recipient’s fax number and the scanned document will be sent through GoFax

Head to our support article to learn more about how to connect your GoFax Account to send faxes using the ‘PaperCut™ Scan to Fax’ function.

Key Benefits

Faxing made easy

Maintain Security & Compliance

With all scan to fax documents being sent through GoFax servers, your data remains encrypted and secure when you use this function.

Automatic confirmation

Eliminate manual processes

Scanning documents is a regular occurrence in any organisation. The GoFax/PaperCut integration provides you with the ability to scan to fax, straight from your MFD, automating faxing processes.


Flexible faxing options

Integrating with PaperCut provides all GoFax customers with another faxing option. Not only can you send a fax through the secure web portal, email, or app – you can send a fax through your MFD, when required.

Get started with the GoFax/ PaperCut Integration