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Sending and receiving fax online is now simple, easy and secure

• 100% Australian Owned • Business-grade • End to end Encryption

• Legally compliant • Reliable communications

• Exceptional service and support


Make Using Fax Simple

Sending a fax on GoFax is as easy as sending an email

GoFax allows you to get rid of the outdated hardware and start securely sending and receiving your Fax online. Just upload the fax the same way you upload an email attachment and press send.

Send Fax Anywhere

With this many platform options you can turn nearly
any device into a fax machine

Nearly any device is now a fax machine with options to use virtual fax through our online portal, desktop application, your email client or even have GoFax integrated into existing software.


Bring Your Fax Online

It has never been easier to bring your fax online

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• Outstanding service and support

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Credit Packages

Packages tailored to your needs whether you want
to send, receive or are looking for a simple Fax bundle.

Our packages can meet any customer’s needs—from small business to
multinationals we have the solution for you.

Select our simple $14.95 bundle for 150 send credits and 150 receive credits or:


Select how much you want to send?


Your Volume



$15 at approximately

15.0 cents per page



$40 at approximately

13.3 cents per page



$110 at approximately

11.0 cents per page



$400 at approximately

10.0 cents per page



$1500 at approximately

8.1 cents per page


Select how much you need to receive?


Your Volume



$9.95 p/mth

Instant number issue



$19.95 p/mth

Portable fax numbers



$45.95 p/mth

Great value



$79.95 p/mth

Save $$$

Your Package:

Do You want to Transfer your Fax Number Online?

Contact us and we’ll make sure your number
porting goes smoothly.

We have all the resources you need to make sure your fax number is brought online with the least amount of hassle. Just contact us or check out our online resources to make sure your number transfer is successful. More about number porting…


Packed with Features for Enterprise Grade Users

We provide all the information and resources to get
GoFax completely integrated into your business.

With features like tiered access, secure administration consoles, brandable interfaces, DNS virtual hosting, API integration, bulk SMS sending, live monitoring and much more available to premium clients.

See full specifications…

Completely Scalable to Any Sized Business

GoFax adapts to your business with multi-location capability.

Send Fax to nearly anywhere in the world, manage multiple premises under a single account, or order fax numbers from specific parts of the country. Contact us and find out how we will adapt to your business.


Truly Exceptional Reliability and Support

Being Australian owned means we value our customers

GoFax is the industry standard in online fax because we have earned a reputation for being the only true business grade virtual fax provider. If you need help or have any questions—contact our support team and they will be glad to answer any questions.

The Business Grade Solution to Online Fax and SMS

Shift your fax online with the most secure virtual fax solution.

If you are looking for a simple and reliable way to free yourself of outdated hardware and bring your fax online, GoFax is the business-grade solution. Contact us and bring your fax into the future with GoFax!