The GoFax® app for Fax & SMS

Download the free GoFax® app today for desktop and mobile. Compatible across Windows, Mac, Android & iOS. A fast, secure and convenient way to send and receive fax and SMS from anywhere.

How to get started with the GoFax app

Setting up is easy. Simply use your existing GoFax® account login, or get started today by signing up for a new account and activating the fax and SMS services you’d like to use.

Download the GoFax app at the Windows, Apple or Google Play store on your desktop or mobile.

Login to the GoFax® app using your GoFax email address or account username and password.

Start sending and receiving fax and SMS instantly using the GoFax® app.

App Features

Quick Send

Intuitive dashboard makes it easy for anyone to quickly send fax or SMS using the app.

Manage Inbox & Outbox

View sent and received activity with options to download or print direct from the app.

Multiple Recipients

Send to multiple numbers for fax or SMS.

International Coverage

Options to send fax and SMS internationally across our global carrier network.

Cover Sheets

Add cover sheets to faxes with built-in cover sheet option.

Campaign Scheduling

Set the desired date and time for future fax campaigns.

Flexible & transparent – our customer first promise

Multi-Purpose Credits
Use your account balance to send fax or SMS.

Free to Download
No cost to download or get setup across devices.

No Contracts
Cancel at any time, with no lock-in contracts.

Ready to start using GoFax for your organisation?