Email to SMS
Send & Receive

Send and receive SMS directly from your email. Easily send and receive from your existing email client such as: Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and more.

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Email to SMS
Send & Receive

Send and receive SMS direct from your email. Easily send and receive from your existing email client such as: Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and more.

What is Email to SMS?

Email to SMS allows you to easily send and receive SMS direct from your email, without having to open additional programs or applications. Organisations everywhere are taking advantage of the fast and hassle-free nature of the Email to SMS service.


How does Email to SMS work?

Email to SMS is fast, convenient and affordable. Use the Email to SMS service to conveniently and quickly communicate to your audience direct to their mobile device.

how sms work

Create a new email in your email client.

how sms work

In the ‘To’ field of the email, enter the (mobilenumber)

how sms work

Type the SMS you would like to send in the ‘body’ of the email.

how sms work

Press the Send button in your email client.

Features & Benefits

Send SMS from your existing email provider.

Optional ‘Reply To’ feature with 2 Way SMS.

SMS within Australia at great rates.

Send SMS via API or connect through SMTP.

Forward replies direct to inbox.

No set up fee

Add unlimited email addresses to send SMS.

No Lock-in contracts.

No expiry on GoFax send credits.

Enhancing Business Communication with GoFax’s Email to SMS

Boost your business communication efficiency with GoFax’s Email to SMS services. Leverage the power of SMS directly via your email, transforming your everyday email client into a convenient, robust communication tool.

We’ve got all your SMS needs covered


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Two-Way SMS

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Virtual Number

Gives you a custom, dedicated receive number for your messages.

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Leading Email to SMS in Australia

GoFax’s Email to SMS Australia service is your key to unlocking efficient, hassle-free communication. Simplify the process of sending SMS by utilising your existing email client – be it Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo or more. No need for additional programs or applications; simply use our service and stay connected to your audience on the go.

Your Trusted Fax Solution for Over 20 Years

Email to SMS Service: Efficient, Convenient, and Secure

Experience the future of communication with our Email to SMS Service. It’s efficient, allowing you to send messages instantly via email, reaching your recipient’s mobile device at lightning speed. It’s convenient – our service works perfectly with your existing email provider, eliminating the need for advanced technical know-how. And most importantly, it’s secure, providing a safe platform for your organisational communications.

Explore more about our SMS services on our SMS Services page, or take advantage of GoFax’s SMS API Calls to further integrate SMS services into your daily business operations.

Seamless Communication with Email to SMS Gateway

How about transforming your email into a full-fledged Email to SMS Gateway? Our Email to SMS Gateway services allow you to send SMS directly from your email, ensuring a convenient, quick and innovative way to reach out to your audience wherever they may be.

No Monthly Fee. No Expiry on Send Credits. No Contracts.

Transform the way your business communicates today with GoFax’s Email to SMS in Australia. Fill out the form to request an Email to SMS Trial