Keep your fax services connected on the NBN

Continue sending & receiving faxes online, without interruptions.

Keep your fax services connected on the NBN
  • 100% NBN compatible
  • Never miss a fax again
  • No line rental fees

NBN faxing made easy with GoFax

The NBN roll-out is causing complications for many organisations that rely on fax machines for critical business communications. It’s time to use this opportunity to upgrade your fax infrastructure and remove legacy hardware to experience secure, reliable and seamless cloud faxing.

Where are you in your transition to the NBN?

Keep your existing fax number on the NBN

Keep your existing fax number on the NBN.

At GoFax, you can port your fax number online. We can provide you with an interim fax number or may be able to set up a fax divert with your existing carrier.

Unlimited scalability

Unlimited scalability.

Whether you send one fax or 10,000, GoFax is your reliable online fax service provider that works with the NBN and scales to your business communications’ needs.

Unparalleled reliability

Unparalleled reliability.

No need to worry about your fax machine’s unreliability once you transition to NBN. GoFax provides a 99.99% server uptime, for 24/7 faxing when you need it.

100% NBN compatible.

100% NBN compatible.

Has your fax machine stopped working? Your current fax service may no longer be fully operational after the NBN transition. It’s time to make the switch to an online fax service you can trust.

HIPAA compliant

HIPAA compliant.

Meet strict industry compliance standards with a 100% HIPAA compliant online fax solution and turn off your costly, error-prone fax machine.

Advanced security features

Advanced security features.

Eliminate manual data handling and move to sending & receiving sensitive data on the NBN with GoFax. Best-in-class security features for all industry faxing needs.

Simple setup & instant deployment

Simple setup & instant deployment

Don’t delay your transition to the NBN any longer. Start sending and receiving faxes within minutes by signing up for a GoFax account.

Reliability at its core

Reliability at its core.

When faxing is critical to business communications, you can’t afford an unreliable provider. Move to a 100% NBN compatible online fax service now.

247 Australian-based support

24/7 Australian-based support.

Our dedicated support team are here to help make your transition to NBN smooth and hassle-free. They’re available to be contacted via phone, email and online chat.

3 simple steps to migrate your fax to the NBN with GoFax



Prepare your fax number for the NBN

Ensure your internet connection & phone number will be transitioned together onto the NBN



Set up an online fax account with GoFax

Easily set up a free account with GoFax and choose an online faxing service that meets your business requirements


Move online to an NBN compatible fax service

Start sending & receiving faxes straight away via the NBN.

Learn more about how easy it is to transition to an NBN fax service today

Send and receive fax on the NBN, any way you like

Once your business migrates to GoFax’s NBN compatible online fax solution, sending & receiving fax will be simple and hassle-free.

Online portal

Online portal
Access secure fax & SMS sending and receiving via the GoFax browser-based portal.


Never leave your inbox with GoFax’s eil to SMS feature. Compatible with all clients.


Mobile & tablet app
Send and receive fax & SMS while on-the-go via the GoFax app for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.


Add SMS functionality to your existing software via our powerful SMS API built for business.

“Since losing my business fax line after the installation of the NBN I needed a digital fax solution and I’m glad I found GoFax. I was sent detailed information to guide me through every step of the process. The set up was surprisingly quick and easy, and I will actually save money.” – Carolyn


GoFax is 100% NBN compatible. If you have an internet connection, you can send and receive faxes with GoFax on any device including your desktop, mobile phone and tablet. GoFax is compatible with dial-up, ADSL, ISDN, satellite, cable, wireless (wifi), NBN, celluar (3G, 4G 5G) – any existing internet connection.

In short, yes, but if your area is switching to the NBN, your current fax service may no longer be fully operational after the NBN transition. Your traditional fax machine may not work without an adapter and even then, you won’t be able to rely on it to send or receive critical time-sensitive information.

By switching to GoFax, you can send & receive faxes reliably as soon as you sign up. What are you waiting for?

Yes. You can port your existing fax number to GoFax’s 100% NBN compatible online faxing platform. Porting is a simple process that requires you to grant the GoFax team the authority to request a port from your existing carrier.

You can find out more about porting your fax number to GoFax on our website.

Yes! All you need to do is sign up for a GoFax account, select the right pricing bundle for your needs and you can start faxing straight away via the GoFax online portal, through our app, via your email client or even API integration.

Want to receive faxes? No worries. You can easily port your existing fax number to GoFax or add a new fax number to your account.

To prepare your fax service for the NBN, be sure to have an NBN migration plan in place. Check out our free NBN migration handbook.

You can check when you’ll need to make the switch to an NBN compatible online fax service via the NBN website.

If you’re transferring an existing fax number online to GoFax, we recommended completing the porting request 45 days before the NBN transition, to ensure a smooth migration.

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