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Fax Send- SMTP Gateway

Using GoFax Send you can fax from any application or program where email is available. SMTP fax connection,SMTP custom integration and fax automation is easier than ever.

The GoFax SMTP fax gateway allows you to connect your mail server directly (and securely if needed) to GoFax. Simply parse all fax numbers to @send.gofax.com.au and faxes will be received, processed and transmitted to the recipient all within minutes.

Contact us about options to configure your own domain alias. 

GoFax will automatically remove most punctuation and symbols etc, convert and begin fax transmission.

View the GoFax SMTP Fax API for options and details.  

Fax from Microsoft Exchange™ or any mail server without any installations and downloads.

  • Only pay per fax page successfully sent
  • Business grade ISDN fax transmission
  • No downloads or installations required
  • No fax software or fax cards needed
  • No more costly fax infrastructure maintenance
  • 100% Australian owned and operated
  • No contracts 

Examples of SMTP fax connection include:

  • Faxing from accounting systems
  • Send faxes from a proprietary system
  • Fax from ERP software or packages
  • Fax from CRM solutions
  • Fax from SAP and more... 

View the more details including functions available to fax via SMTP with GoFax.

Alternatively, fax connection and sending can be established via web service and HTTPS calls, view the GoFax Fax API. Contact us on 1300 928 872 for more details.