GoFax Cloud Fax Solution

Enterprise grade cloud faxing service. No more installations, costly fax servers,
hardware or fax software. All of your faxing needs covered.

GoFax cloud-based hosted fax solutions provide outstanding reliability, leading infrastructure and the highest security for your online fax delivery.

Grow Your Business With GoFax®


True business grade online fax and sms solutions. Multiple redundancies, fast response time, world class platform.


GoFax® provides you with the flexibility you need with a cloud based solution. Fax and SMS services are feature rich, customisable and with no contracts!


From the smallest to largest scale, GoFax® can accommodate fax / SMS volume, fax line, and growing operational requirements. Extensive feature set and customisable solutions.


Fax and SMS can be delivered securely, assisting your business in meeting various privacy standards, compliance and regulations. With rigorous features plus options for encryption, SSL web service and more.


Fax and SMS anywhere you can access email or the internet. Convenience matched with customer service like it should be, GoFax® simplify communications.


‘Auditing and tracking is made easy. GoFax® provide automatic email confirmations for fax & SMS, advanced reporting, low credit notifications, options for automatic credit top up and more…

Secure and compliant fax solution

Security and compliant solution. GoFax offers the highest quality and reliability in fax technology at a fraction of the cost of maintaining internal fax hardware or software. Migrating from internal fax servers to cloud faxing has never been easier!

Redundancy Covered

Securely hosted on one of Australia’s largest cloud hosting providers. GoFax has multiple redundancies and security in place. With multiple routes and enterprise grade infrastructure, our data sites in Canberra and Sydney provide dedicated monitoring and support. There are multiple layers of physical security and managed firewalls approved for Federal Government use. GoFax data is securely backed up both locally and via cloud with encryption, hourly and again daily.

• reliable
• secure
• no contracts
• outstanding service
• 100% Australian owned & operated

reliable • secure • no contracts • outstanding service • 100% Australian owned & operated