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Fax Sending

How do I send a fax from email with GoFax?

Once you have an active Send Service with GoFax and your email address is added as an ‘allowed sender’ on your account, to send a fax from email, simply enter in the TO: field the fax number  for example enter, attach the fax and  select Send.  View detailed instructions on ‘How to Fax from Email with GoFax’.  Alternatively, using GoFax you can send transactional faxes from our Fax API, fax integration using SMTPor our Desktop Fax Software.

Can you add a wildcard to allow all staff within your domain/ organisation to send faxes with GoFax?

Yes, using GoFax you can instantly activate your entire domain/ organisation for fax sending using our wildcard feature. Simply add * as an allowed sender from the ‘Allowed Senders for Fax Send’ area of ‘Send Faxes’ within your online customer portal.

How do I send a fax using the GoFax App?

Once you have GoFax Send credits on your account, you can conveniently download the GoFax App allowing you to send single and multiple faxes directly from your mobile. View more information on the GoFax App here.

Can I send a fax using integration or API?

Yes, using the GoFax Send service you can automate transactional fax sending via various forms of integration. Faxes can be sent directly via web applications using the GoFax Fax API or custom applications, CRM solutions or internal programs using SMTP connection. View the GoFax API and sample code or view how to send faxes usingSMTP. Contact us to discuss your specific fax integration requirement with our development team.

Can I send faxes internationally with GoFax?

Yes, once you have a GoFax account and have purchased GoFax Send credits, you can fax anywhere in the world.  To send faxes internationally, simply enter the in the TO: field of a new email.  View pricing and details on international fax sending.

Does GoFax offer a cloud fax service?

Yes, GoFax is a cloud-based fax service. Contact us for more information.

What are the accepted fax file types for the GoFax Send Service?

GoFax accepts a range of file types to send faxes. Examples include PDF, Word, Excel. View all GoFax Accepted Fax Send File Types.

When forwarding faxes via an internal application to fax with GoFax, does GoFax automatically remove punctuation and symbols?

Yes, when using the GoFax Email to Fax service, once your email reaches GoFax, our system will remove most punctuation and symbols from your allowing the fax to successfully attempt fax sending. The following punctuation or symbols are currently removed automatically ( ) + – ‘ \ and spaces. Please note: If attempting to send a fax via an email client, for example Outlook®, the mail client itself will have rules for how it treats email addresses with brackets, for example in Outlook®, any numbers contained within brackets are excluded from the actual To: email address.

Can I send faxes to 1300, 13 and 1800 fax numbers?

Yes, using the GoFax Send service faxes can be sent to Australian 1300, 13 and 1800 fax numbers. Sending to 13 and 1800 fax numbers is however dependent on call restrictions set by the fax line owner.  The per page cost of 2 credits applies to sending faxes to 1300, 13 or 1800 numbers.

Can I send multiple faxes at the same time with GoFax? e.g a fax broadcast?

Yes, using the GoFax Desktop Fax Software you can send to multiple recipients at the same time. We do however recommend contacting GoFax support to discuss your specific requirements in more detail so we can ensure you are using the correct service and have the appropriate settings applied.

How many fax pages can I send at one time with GoFax?

Any single fax transaction can have a maximum of 500 pages and can be a maximum of 100 MB in total file size.

Am I alerted if my fax is successfully sent or failed?

Yes, by default all GoFax Send accounts are sent status notifications via email when a fax is successful or fails.  Users can also opt to receive the fax file in the email confirmation by selecting ‘Attach original documents to success and failure emails’.  These settings can all be managed from within your secure online account, under ‘Send Faxes’, ‘Manage Send Settings’, ‘General Fax Send Settings’.

Can I use the 'Cc...' and 'Bcc...' fields in my email to also add fax numbers to send faxes via GoFax®?

No, the GoFax Email to Fax service will ignore anything contained in the ‘Cc’ and ‘Bcc’ fields of an email.

What is the CSID and how does it work with GoFax Send?

The CSID is the fax sender or ‘Caller Identification’, and is what identifies you when you send a fax. Typically it is displayed on the receiving machine or call log. The CSID can be controlled on a per ‘GoFax allowed fax sender’ basis and edited from within your GoFax ‘Manage Send Settings’.  You can enter a CSID of up to 20 characters.

Can I add a fax header or header line using GoFax?

Yes, using GoFax Email to Fax for no additional cost you can add a unique ‘fax header’ for an individual fax sender or all senders if you use the ‘wild card’ feature. When added, the header appears in small text on the very top left of each fax page sent. Additionally, to assist with ensuring all ‘marketing’ faxes sent are compliant with the Government’s Telecommunications (Fax Marketing) Industry Standard 2021, GoFax has a feature where you can activate to ‘Add the Recipient’s Fax Number to Fax Header’. This setting can be activated from under the ‘Manage Send Settings’ area of your GoFax account.

Does GoFax include its branding in faxes sent, fax header lines or the sender ID?

No, GoFax does not include any branding or reference to GoFax in fax headers/header lines, faxes sent or faxed documents.

What fax sending resolutions are available on the GoFax Send fax service?

Using GoFax Send, faxes can be sent in Standard or High Resolution. Standard Resolution is 150 x 200 dpi and High Resolution is 200 x 200 dpi. When the ‘High Resolution’ setting is selected there is an additional 25% per fax page cost applied to each fax page successfully sent.

When sending a fax from email, can I use the subject line of an email to modify settings/controls within GoFax?

Yes, GoFax offers various ‘Subject Line Modifiers’ allowing senders to conveniently control settings on an individual fax basis directly from the email.  View all available subject line modifiers with GoFax and see how to use this within an email. Alternatively you can edit your GoFax account default settings to modify fax sending.

Can I schedule faxes sent from email for a time in advance?

Yes, you can schedule faxes sent from email for a time in advance using the command /d
In the subject line you can enter various commands to control this feature:
/d [date] [time]
/d [date]
/d [time]

Would be entered as
/d 16:40
/d 4:30PM
/d 3/04/2013 4:30PM

Once GoFax has successfully received the fax request, it would display in the ‘Send Queue’ as ‘Scheduled for Transmission at date/time’.
View all available subject line modifiers with GoFax and see how to use this within an email.

How do I activate or deactivate the Auto Top Up on GoFax Send fax packages?

Once logged into your GoFax account, from under the ‘Send Faxes’ option select ‘Manage Send Settings’, then ‘Send Package Auto Top Up’.  Here you can activate and deactivate the ‘Auto Top Up’ feature.

How many retries are dialled on a fax send and what is the time in between retrying?

Every unsuccessful fax is retried at least twice and the time in between retrying or resends is 100 seconds.

What fax sending resolutions are available on the GoFax Send fax service?

Standard Resolution is 150 x 200 dpi” should read, “Standard Resolution is 100 x 200 dpi

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