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Fax Receiving

Can I get a new fax number in any location in Australia?

Using the GoFax Fax to Email receive service, you can get a new virtual fax number in any state in Australia across almost all exchanges. Sydney CBD (02) fax numbers, Melbourne CBD (03) fax numbers, Brisbane CBD (07) fax numbers and Perth CBD (08) fax numbers are issued immediately. Custom ordered numbers are provided in approximately 2 business days, however usually within 1.  View more details on GoFax Fax to Email Numbers.

How many pages can I receive per month?

There is no actual limit to the number of fax pages you can receive per month, see the individual plan for ‘Included inbound fax pages’ per month. Excess pages are charged based on additional fax page received over the included monthly quota, see GoFax Fax to Email Number pricing or Bundled Pricing for details.

How do I divert my existing fax number?

If you have an existing fax number and wish to divert it to your new GoFax Fax to Email receive fax service you can divert the number. If you have a physical fax machine, pick up the line, dial *21enternewfaxnumber# . To turn off a diversion or call forward, pick up the fax line dial #21# and your diversion should turn off. Your telephone line service provider may charge for calls diverted. If call diversion is not available, contact your telephone service provider.

How do I add or update the email address/s on my GoFax Fax to Email receive fax service?

Once logged in to your GoFax online account, under ‘Receive Faxes’, select ‘Manage Receive Settings’ and select the fax number you wish to edit. Here you can add or delete email addresses you wish to receive faxes and/or change the file format and save.

How do I add an additional GoFax Receive service and new number to my GoFax Account?

Once logged in to your GoFax online account, under ‘Receive Faxes’ select ‘Add a Receive Service’. Here you can select the plan type, payment frequency and fax number, and proceed to finalising payment. For larger quantity fax number orders, please contact us.

Can I port/transfer and keep my existing fax number with GoFax?

Yes. GoFax can port across fax numbers from almost all carriers across Australia, New Zealand and over 50 countries globally.
When porting your fax number to the GoFax Fax to Email service all faxes received are converted and delivered to your email as a PDF or TIFF.
In order to port, we recommend no other services are associated with the fax line. e.g. duet service, fax/phone line, ADSL, EFTPOS, HICAPS, alarm systems, number range or have the fax number in a line hunt etc. In order to start a port request, you must have an active Fax to Email plan with GoFax®. View information and fax number porting pricing.

Is there a contract period on a GoFax Fax to Email number service?

There are no lock in contracts. You can cancel your Fax to Email service at any time. We simply ask that you notify us in writing if you need to discontinue your Fax to Email service.

I have a large quantity of incoming faxes. Can GoFax receive several faxes at once?

Yes, GoFax can receive a large number of faxes at a time. Under normal conditions your GoFax fax number will never receive a busy signal.

Some companies provide fax numbers for capital cities only. What fax numbers can GoFax provide?

We can offer a fax number in all Australian states and territories, in almost any exchange location across Australia.View fax number options.

What file type are incoming faxes received in?

Faxes can be received to email as either PDF or TIFF attachment. By default all faxes are received in PDF format.

How long does it take for the fax to arrive in my email?

Under normal circumstances once GoFax has received your fax, it takes no more than a few minutes for your fax to arrive into your email.  The total time it takes to receive a fax however includes the time it takes for the fax to leave and transmit from the sender’s fax machine/service, to GoFax receiving the fax, converting and then emailing it to the nominated email. Your mail server/service will then receive and process the email accordingly.

How long does GoFax store copies of my 'received' fax pages?

GoFax currently store copies of all ‘received’ fax pages for up to 90 days. After this time the fax file is no longer accessible online.

I want to redirect or forward my GoFax number to an external number?

Our services are focused on online faxing only; the necessary support and billing for a GoFax fax receive number redirected to an external fax or phone number is outside the specification and pricing of our fax receive service plans and send/receive bundles. We will neither incorporate the feature into the existing plans nor offer as an additional paid feature at this time. Please contact us, if you require any additional information.

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