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Fax Compliance and Security

When sending fax marketing, does my business need to comply with any legislation?

Yes. Depending on the country you are sending marketing faxes to, various legislation will apply. Importantly in Australia, the Do Not Call Register Act 2006 and the Telecommunications (Fax Marketing) Industry Standard 2021 apply to the sending of fax marketing. View more details on requirements.

How long does GoFax store copies of my 'sent fax' pages/files within my online account?

By default, all ‘sent fax’ pages/files are stored on your GoFax account for 90 days. After this time, GoFax will automatically delete the file, however the transaction information will be available. To have your ‘Send Faxes’ automatically delete after each fax is sent, view ‘Auto Delete’ guides  See all GoFax Technical Specifications.

Can I encrypt/secure my online fax messages sent using GoFax?

Yes, using GoFax you can secure faxes sent or received.  Fax messages can be secured through either email encryption (SSL certificate or TLS connection) or via secure HTTPS all using the GoFax API. View more on secure faxing with GoFax.

Can I choose to have my 'Sent' fax document history deleted immediately after the fax send is attempted?

Yes, as an additional security feature, you can select to automatically delete the fax file immediately after the fax send is attempted. This setting can be managed from the  ‘Allowed Senders for Fax Send’ area of your GoFax account, simply edit a sender and tick the option to ‘Auto Delete’.

Can I encrypt/secure my received faxes using GoFax?

Yes, encryption is available free of charge on GoFax Fax to Email. By enabling encryption you can protect information contained within received fax, between GoFax and your email. View more information on secure receive fax encryption and how to set up.

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