Do You want to Transfer your Fax Number Online?

It is easy to get your fax online and port your fax number to GoFax.

Follow this simple guide to learn how to receive fax online by porting your existing fax number to GoFax. This guide includes all the most frequently asked questions about number porting and tips to ensure your port goes smoothly.

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How to Get Your Fax Number Porting Started?

If you haven’t already created a GoFax account then start now.

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    Click start now to set up your account and ensure all details

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    On step 3 of the sign up, under the option select fax receive service choose port my existing fax number

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    You must be one of our premium receive plans or bundles in order to be eligible for number porting

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    To finalize the sign up process enter your existing fax number and choose a temporary number-then download a porting authority form and continue to the checkout and complete your payment


Your Porting Authority Form?

This form gives us the authority to request a port from your carrier. Make sure it is filled in correctly so we can process your application without delay

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    You can download a copy of the porting authority form here

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    Please make sure the address on your porting form is the actual site address the fax number is associated with

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    If the fax line you are porting is associated with another service such as eftops, internet, a phone, HICAPS or a security system-you must indicate this on the form and contact us before proceeding.


Simple Fax Number Port in Service


Complex Fax Number Port in Service^


*Porting Rejection

per rejection

Porting Emergency Return/Roll back of
Number – Single Number


Porting Emergency Return/Roll back of
Number – 1 to 5 Numbers

plus $11 per number

Port Away Emergency Return – Single Number


Number Porting Costs with GoFax

Switch to GoFax® Fax to Email and keep your existing fax number.

Porting in to the GoFax® Fax to Email service is available under our Premium Fax to Email receive service plan. Porting is available based on your existing fax number carrier and configuration.

All prices are in AUD and inclusive of GST, currently 10%. Tax excluded for international purchases. GoFax® fax to Email service charges apply on a Premium Fax to Email plan.

^ Porting charges may vary depending on the number type. See GoFax® Porting Authority and Terms & Conditions for details.

Additional fees and charges apply for ‘Complex Porting’ configuration. including but not limited to existing virtual fax numbers, numbers within a number ranges and numbers in a line hunt.

* Porting Rejection fees apply for any carrier ‘rejected’ fax number porting order. Rejection can occur due but not limited to, number setup, number restrictions, carrier restrictions or incorrect information supplied. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Important Details About Porting Your Number?

Here are some important things to consider before starting the porting process

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    Simple fax number porting can take up to 30 calendar days depending on your carrier, however, some ports are processed faster

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    Complex number ports can take up to 120 calendar days and you should always contact us before proceeding with a complex port

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    If you want to receive fax online while your number is being ported you may be able to set up a fax divert with your existing carrier

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    Generally fax numbers should only be ported when no other services are associated with the line


Contact Us With Any Further Questions?

Porting is usually a simple process however it is advised that you contact GoFax if you have any questions.

Our support team has extensive experience with managing fax number transfers so contact us if you require further assistance.