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  • 10/2/2014Gofax New Feed
    Explore your new GoFax Dashboard

    Time is money, right? So the team at GoFax have been working on some changes to your GoFax Customer Dashboard so you can get the job done even …


  • 6/25/2014Gofax New Feed
    What Our Customers Say!

    We Pride Our Selves On Customer Service and Provisioning Business Grade Services, But Don't Let Us Tell You!

    Let Our Customers Comments Make Up Your Mind!


    This customer required multiple receive and send service to accommodate an international company with multiple employee access and  specific security permissions enabled.

    6/23/2014Gofax New Feed

    Send Full Length Videos via SMS - Learn How

    GoFax is happy to announce the new marketing tool that combines the cost of an SMS and includes the information of an Email.
    GoFax Mobile Landing Pages Service provides the ability for businesses to advertise bulk information in an SMS.  

    Easily upload videos or unlimited pictures and send link via SMS.

    In 2012, the US recorded that over 95% of text messages were read and was a primary target for marketing.  Delivery of a Mobile Landing Page via SMS pr…


  • 6/11/2014Gofax New Feed
    New SMS System Alerts

    New SMS alerts are now live on GoFax® allowing you to configure SMS system alerts on a range of GoFax® functions! Never before has it been easier to monitor your GoFax® account and stay updated anywhere at any time.

    SMS System Alerts are now available for:
    - Auto Top-Up Success
    - Auto Top-Up Failure
    - Low Credit Warning
    - New Invoice Available
    - Suc…


  • 1/21/2014Gofax New Feed
    1300-1800-13 numbers

    GoFax has had to raise the costs associated with sending to 1300/1800/13 numbers to 2 credits per fax page due to the rise in costs with suppliers.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

    GoFax provides 1300/1800/13 fax numbers to improve your visibility and effective communications.  Never miss a fax again and your customers will never experience a busy signal.

    Very competitive pricing and the convenience of a free end point number and divert charges.
    For more information on 1300/1800/13 numbers, you …


  • 1/10/2014Gofax New Feed
    All the latest features and updates @ GoFax

    At your request, the team at GoFax have been hard at work... and are excited to announce a range of new features arequested by our users.  Over the past months our team have been working on various customisations and additional features to improve user experience and provide even greater flexibility and reliability.We have released some fantastic additions to both Send and Receive services and will continue to develop GoFax to maintain our vision to provide Australia's best value virtual fax solutions.





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