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  • 12/7/2015Gofax New Feed
    Holiday Support Hours and Ordering

    Holiday Support Hours and Ordering

    As we prepare for the holiday season, we would like to thank you for your valued support throughout 2015 and wish you all the best for the New Year.  In 2015, GoFax continued to enhance and advance our services, providing new developments, technology and features as requested by our valued customers.
    We are proud to be 100% Australian owned and operated and Australia’s #1 business grade online fax service provider. As leaders in fax and SMS technology, secure messaging, automation and integration we continue to implement new features and offer additional solutions as pa…


  • 8/4/2015Gofax New Feed
    New Fax and SMS Features- August 2015

    You asked for it... so here it is!
    The team at GoFax have been working on new features for fax and SMS services.
    Updates recently released include:
     -New Automatic Reports for Received Faxes:
    Adding to the existing fax and SMS automatic reporting features, GoFax have released automatic reporting capabilities on 'Received' faxes. Reports can be generated to be issued via email- daily, weekly or monthly. From your GoFax Dashboard,  under 'My Account', select 'Automatic Reports'. 
    7/13/2015Gofax New Feed

    GoFax Fax and SMS Scheduled Maintenance July 2015

    GoFax will be conducting scheduled maintenance and server upgrades on Wednesday 15th July 2015.  The upgrades will improve performance and ensure GoFax remains Australia's most reliable virtual fax service.

    Please see schedule:

    Date:  Wednesday 15th July 2015
    Scheduled Time:&n…


  • 1/19/2015Gofax New Feed
    GoFax SMS - Improve your Sales!

    Either a simple SMS or use the Mobile Landing Pages or Mini Site as it is well known.

    Send an SMS with a URL Link to your Mobile Landing Page.  contact support for more information.

    GoFax provides an easy to utilise and manage SMS broadcast system to keep yourself in touch with your customers.  An incredible array of feedback has been received by clients that have introduced a weekly specials update to existing clientele and seen an increase in sales due to the SMS broadcast message.  A simple few characters may be all it takes to gain that extra sal…


  • 1/16/2015Gofax New Feed
    New SMS System Alerts

    New SMS alerts are now live on GoFax® allowing you to configure SMS system alerts on a range of GoFax® functions! Never before has it been easier to monitor your GoFax® account and stay updated anywhere at any time.

    SMS System Alerts are now available for:
    - Auto Top-Up Success
    - Auto Top-Up Failure
    - Low Credit Warning
    - New Invoice Available
    - …


  • 1/7/2015Gofax New Feed
    Send Full Length Videos via SMS - Learn How

    GoFax is happy to announce the new marketing tool that combines the cost of an SMS and includes the information of an Email.
    GoFax Mobile Landing Pages Service provides the ability for businesses to advertise bulk information in an SMS.  

    Easily upload videos or unlimited pictures and send link via SMS.

    In 2012, the US recorded that over 95% of text messages were read and was a primary target for marketing.  Delivery of a Mobile Landing Page via SMS pr…






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